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Here are a few Booster Page Examples

Once you submit your URLs to BoosterPages, we do the rest. Here are some example of the links we submitted that are made into featured post links. Click on any of the images to see the visual links and how the sites work.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Emerging Technologies

eCom Shopping Gifts

SEO Ranking BoosterPage

Ever wanted an automated backlinking solution that WORKS, is Scalable, Easy to Use, and is Niche Related?

We have developed the last step of the autoblogging ranking process - Safe, effective, visual linking sites with quality backlinks.

Utilizing our famous "set-it and forget-it" approach, you can now have your very own safe and effective system to build quality backlinks to your original content.

With a simple process of selecting a Tier 1 - Booster Site and Category, you will benefit from a massive scale of high-quality visual content pages and listicles. In addition, you get three (3) tier 2 backlinks over time, all pointing back to your sites and blogs, with Pinterest-themed masher sites.

Google loves good content and high-quality backlinks from diverse sources like web 2.0, social networks, and regularly updated content sites is well-known. The crux of any successful site, blog, or online content lies in its informativeness, ease of consumption, and ability to address the user's search intent. And at the heart of this lies purposeful backlinks. 

Introducing Booster Pages, a unique concept that combines the power of niche-related, visual backlinks with the engaging features of social sites like Pinterest. These pages are not just easy to consume and visually appealing, but also designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless user experience. With innovative sharing and gaming features, Booster Pages are set to revolutionize your online presence.  

Rest assured, as long as backlinks remain a ranking factor, our purposeful PBNs, like Booster Pages, will continue to deliver effective results

At Booster Pages, we have a massive scaled-out, Niche-specific PBN. However, we have moved away from the original meaning of a Private Blogger Network, and we like to call ours a "Purpose Built Network." This shift in terminology reflects our commitment to transparency and credibility.

Wayne Atkinson

BoosterPages Developer

Software Benefits

Over 350+ Categories to Choose

A Niche for Every Site

Select from 36+ Niche Domains with over 350+ of the most popular categories. Adding more each month!

Automated Pages

Nothing to build

Nothing to build, just upload your URLs, toggle the booster and select the niche. We automate the rest.

Micro-Engagements with Like/Dislike

Image Shuffling Game

An addictive game of liking and disliking that auto shuffles image tiles with simple clicks

One-Click Social Sharing 

Social Sharing Easy Button

After liking, the featured image from BoosterPages can be shared to dozen's of the most popular socials

Permanent Links on 1000's of Pages

automated backlinking

Automated tier 1 and 2 static anchor text linking to your featured posts from 1000's of Blog Posts

Self Reporting Quality Control

Spam Free posting

Multiple Quality Control initiatives implemented to minimize spam and link farms (see Fair Use Policy)

Fast and Simple Input Methods

set-it & forget-it

You get 6 easy ways to add URLs - Manual, CSV, RSS Feeds, API, VidPenguin2, and RSSMasher Schedules

Mobile Responsive Pages

Endless Scrolling Pin Sites

Visually consummable link/pin sites with mobile first, endless scrolling pages and new tab clickables.

Nothing to Download

24/7 Online access

SAAS App that is available 24/7 online. No software to install. Just login and start adding your URLs.

Automate Your WordPress Post Links

RSS Friendly

In minutes, You can add all your WordPress RSS feeds and never have to do any more backlinking work

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Recent Reviews from Happy Customers

From our initial Pre-Launch, we've had a lot of Happy Customers

Greetings to one and all. I'm a VP and RSSM OG (Original Gangsta) who has been with Damon since the early days. Many big KUDOS and ATTABOYS to Damon Nelson and Wayne Atkinson for taking those early products to the next level entirely, and for so much good work and new amazing products.
Booster Pages is the answer to my prayers, since I've never had the time, interest, ability or capability to build out a massive PBN of my own -- but always wanted/needed one. This is an incredible GIFT that has fallen in our laps (cheap at 5X the price!) and I hope everyone here really takes advantage of it, as well as help improve it and and protect it.
It's in all of our collective interest to make sure Booster Pages becomes THE KILLER APP!
I, for one, am THRILLED to be here. Rock on! 

Karl Steinmann

Booster Pages is a game-changer for all pages that want and need to be boosted. Using it with RSS Masher provides an unbeatable combination. They have also added some integrations that I didn't even know we could do! 

All in all - strap in because you're about to experience one of the best automated backlinking apps today. Plus, it's designed for content marketers and SEO agencies that want an easy way to backlink their products, blog content, and landing pages.

Scott Bowling

Destiny Recruiting

Backlinks are worthless without structure and high-quality content. Booster Pages has both, with powerful results easily on tap. Beyond impact, it's an effortless tool to use- you get max benefit from an ever-growing content-rich universe with an absolute minimum effort.

Guerin Green

Novel Cognition

Booster Pages is the magic key to breaking out of stuck rankings. If you already have Web 2.0s and social links, Booster Page PBNs are the next thing to be using to push ranks. Move from low page 1 to high page 1. Get that webpage stuck on SERP page 4 up to page 1 easily. Get in now you'll be sorry later, that's all I have to say.

Marcus Cudd

Yive Sites


What Makes Our Platform So Great

Frequently updated SAAS App - Nothing to Download
6 Easy Ways to Input Your Links - 4 Are Automated
Gamified Image Shuffling with Like/Dislike Buttons
1000's of Backlinks Over Time from Our Private Blog Networks
Endless Scrolling Effect with Image Shuffle Feature
Integrates Nicely With Our Other Software
Very Active FB Community of BoosterPages Members

See what others are saying about us

Here are just a few a the reviews that we've received since we launched.

Marketing automation tools like Damon and Wayne's new app, BoosterPages are the perfect way to backlink posts with little effort on behalf of you or anyone else! It seems that this tool was made for content marketers who want an easy but powerful solution. The SEO world has been asking for something simple yet effective - look no further than these two brilliant minds behind it all

Michael Bowes

Bowes Marketing LLC

Ingenious, intelligent solution for automated backlink-building from private niche-specific blogs. Easy to set up and use, requires little ongoing work. And I trust the providers! 

Diana Ratliff

Your Friend on the Web

I love BoosterPages. It's about the easiest quality backlinking one can use. As it continues to mature, the potential uses are endless. It is a tool I count on. Combined with RSSMasher Tech, it is my no work absolute backlinking monster.

Steve Bailey

Strategic Online Corp.

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1,000 URLs Boosted / month
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50 Active RSS Feeds
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Monthly rate when billed annually

1,000 URLs Boosted / month
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100 Active RSS Feeds
100 API calls / day
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Monthly rate when billed annually

3,000 URLs Boosted / month
Unlimited Active Projects
Unlimited Active RSS Feeds
500 API calls / day
Unlimited RSSMasher Posts

Save 44% by paying $447/year

Cart open for a limited time only.  Get Access Now!

The new BoosterPages combines simplicity of a set-it and forget-it interface, with the power of supercharged blogging network to power your backlink authority

Frequently asked questions

Is there a list of Niches and Categories?

Yes, we have a Google Sheet with all the niches and categories that we are starting with.

Click Here to see the list 

How do I set it up?

This is a SAAS tool, so there is nothing to set up. Simply log into the software, add your original content URLs, CSVs, or RSS Feeds - then select the niche and the category and hit the submit button. 

The software does the rest.

Do I need RSSMasher to use it?

No... You do not need RSSMasher to use this software.

Booster Pages is designed to be a standalone backlink service with 4 easy ways to add your links to the app.

However, if you have RSSMasher, you can easily add BoosterPages to all your posting schedules and not have to touch them again. 

Are there any additional costs?

No. Simply choose the plan you want and start boosting your own content in minutes from now.

Can you speak to us about the topic of indexing?

Hi, Great Question...

First, let me explain something...A way to get indexed fairly quickly is to put Google Analytics on your site, have a sitemap that creates updates when new posts appear, and add that to the Google Search Console.

We have to think cleverly with Booster Pages. If we added these same Google tools on our current 350+ tier 1 sites, then that would create a massive footprint for the big G, and they would soon realize that these sites are owned by the same and risk possible de-indexing of similar content or worst placed on page 2 (along with all the dead bodies) .

Yes, we could have multiple Google accounts (which we have). Conversely, we have noticed that if we leave the sites without associating the sites with Big "G" accounts, they get noticed organically and can often rank faster (and with multiple links on the same content). 

Conversely, there are quite a few other things that should be considered for best SEO practices according to Google, like good content, images, page load time, traffic, backlinks, time on site, keywords, niche relevance, etc... 

Like Masher Sites, Booster Pages and our own PBN pages were built with the sole purpose to give Google what they want and incorporate the best recommended SEO practices.

Secondly, these sites are relatively new. Most of these sites were created when Booster Pages went live in January 2022, so they are not even four months old.

Thirdly, we have a massive PBN separate from this that is slowly coming online (also without footprints), and this will link back to our Booster Pages Tier 1 sites (Your links). When this gets to our first goal of 50 Million pages, you can bank on Google not only ranking the booster sites, put pushing this lovely SEO juice down to your money sites.

This is why it is essential that everyone posts good quality content and not spammy links, poor quality pictures, or bad tier 2/3 links. 

We are making the massive effort and expense to push excellent quality content to your sites, and we don't want it wasted if it links to lousy content.

And finally, the PBN campaigns are not powered up yet, as we are still fine-tuning the software that does all the magic. The page building will start in April and gradually build up posting levels to over 5 Million pages per month later this year for all the niches.

Remember...Booster Pages official launches on April 20, 2022. With the PBN Tier 2 sites coming online this Summer. 

Hope that explains...Keep on Boosting

What is the average DA/DR of the PBN links?

BoosterPages are ALL new sites and are specially built pages devoted to high-quality original content articles with static anchor text links and visual post links back to the original articles.

Being NEW websites, you should expect a low DA/DR to start.

The link quality of the sites is based on many different things, including the owners' goals of the PBN.

Wayne Atkinson and I have been doing SEO for a combined 20 years. We currently have our own network of autoblogging and automated original content sites that we make with our tools (RSSMasher, Masher Sites, and VidPenguin2). We do this for ad income and affiliate revenue.

We are massively scaling our own Autoblog network with high-quality AI original content, professionally written blogs, paid articles, and listicles.

We are doing this for our own "retirement income" portfolios. We plan on creating over 50M quality content pages by year-end. We have excess capacity for ad spots, affiliate links, anchor text linking to our pages, and booster pages.

We believe in a slow and steady approach with quality pages, fast loading, low friction ad formats, external backlinking, and UGC (User-generated content) for our Booster Pages.

Although we could use a "Spam and Jam" approach to get BoosterPages and our own PBN to rank fast, however, this method is also one of the fastest ways to burn out links for the SERPS.

If one has been around SEO for a few years, they should recognize that spamming the money pages with low-quality or junk links is not evergreen and not recommended by Google. And it will eventually get moved off the first few pages, or worse, get accounts completely de-indexed.

Our #1 goal with BoosterPages and the PBN that supports it is to follow what Google recommends in SEO best practices. And build a product that will last years and continue to send quality traffic and link authority over time.

Can I send any URL to Booster Pages?

Our number #1 goal is to provide unique content that people search for and want to read. If we can do this without any of the shenanigans from the 1%'rs, we will benefit significantly with tangible links to your sites that people trust and want to share.

To protect the quality and integrity of our private blogging network, the ad display network, the premium IP's, and Booster Pages content, we implemented a fair use policy to prohibit content that YouTube or Facebook currently bans (i.e., porn, hate speech, gun-running, Nuclear bomb-making, etc.). 

In addition, we will remove links that are spammy SEO links, have broken links, repetitive posting pages, do not resolve, and other black/grey hat SEO practices that will negatively affect the quality of the user experience on our Booster Pages or PBN. Likewise, we may suspend the offending posting account for a short period or cancel the account permanently. 

Our proprietary AI URL checking technology will manage these quality control initiatives alongside our support team. We will also be implementing a self-reporting feature on each Booster Page for site visitors and Booster Page owners to report pages that violate any terms of the fair use policy.

If these terms are not acceptable, please do not purchase a license for Booster Pages.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 14-Day "No Questions Asked" refund policy from the original purchase date. 


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