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If you are unsure how to disavow backlinks for your website, you’re not alone. Millions of websites and bloggers struggle with this problem every day. While the disavow file is a convenient tool for removing bad links, it’s important to note that it is only effective for bad links. This is why using several sources for your backlink data is so important. The more sources you use, the more filters you can use. The Google Search Console is probably the most obvious source of backlink data. But how do you use it?


Disavow domains

You may be wondering how to disavow backlinks from a particular domain. If you have found a website with a low Domain Authority and a high spam score, it is probably time to take action. Disavowing backlinks from these sites is crucial in removing them from search engine results. If you are unsure how to disavow backlinks from domains, we have put together a simple guide that will walk you through the process.

Disavow links from referring domains

If you’ve been penalized by Google for backlinks from spammy websites, it’s time to take action. Google recommends you disavow links from spammy websites only once. You can also remove spammy links manually or through email outreach. Backlink Audit is a great tool for this. You can download a report using a backlink audit tool for all your backlinks, see what domains they’re coming from, and even filter out spammy links.

Using Google’s Disavow tool

Using Google’s Disavow service is one way to eliminate backlinks from low-quality websites. The webmaster support site specifies a vague “number of weeks” to wait before disavowing a link. Even if the backlink is from a high-quality site, it’s still a good idea to remove it to improve your ranking using the Google disavow tool.

Importing a disavow file into SEO SpyGlass

Importing a disavow list into SEO SpyGlass is easy. Once you have downloaded the tool, you’ll want to add the disavow links to your list. When you’ve finished, export the disavow list as a text file to Google. You can then import the disavow list into Google Webmaster Tools.

Using SEMRush’s Audit tool

Using SEMRush’s Audi tool can help you identify spammy backlinks, broken websites, and link schemes. Broken links may include pop-up ads or other issues that don’t appear to be legitimate. These sites may have participated in link schemes, or violate Google Webmaster quality guidelines. By disavowing these links, you can get rid of these links from your website. This is how to disavow backlinks in Semrush.

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