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If you’re trying to create a link-building strategy for your website, it is important that you consider the importance of long-form, evergreen content. The same strategy applies to your skyscraper pages, so consider branding and earning potential. After all, there are plenty of opportunities to improve on these factors. This article will give tips to help you create a skyscraper page.


  • To create a successful link-building strategy, focus on creating long-form, evergreen content and use the Skyscraper technique to improve on existing content and earn high-quality backlinks.
  • When creating long-form, evergreen content, choose topics with a high recurring audience, optimize for SEO, and write for a broad audience.
  • Branding is important for Skyscraper pages, and you should target top-performing content in your niche and enhance its performance to increase linkability.

Link-building strategy

The link-building strategy known as “Skyscraper” is extremely energy-intensive. The key is to find content already performing well, improve it, and promote it to gain a high-quality backlink. While it’s not as efficient as the previous two strategies, they work. Here are some of the most effective methods for creating skyscraper pages. And remember to optimize your website for search engines!

One of the most important aspects of using this link-building strategy is ensuring you provide a high level of user value. You can increase your brand awareness and conversion rates by listing your business on sites like Skyscraper pages. It’s important to note that Skyscraper pages don’t have to be high-quality; they should have at least a one-to-two-star rating.

Long-form evergreen content

Evergreen content is valuable for several reasons: it can drive repeat traffic, increase a page’s authority, build links, and strengthen a website’s visibility in organic search. This type of content can also be promoted, recycled, and reused in other ways. It’s also relatively easy to create and promote. For instance, you can create tweets and live videos to promote your evergreen content.

To create long-form, evergreen content, identify topics and keywords with a recurring audience. Use the keyword as the main title, URL, and body copy. Link to other relevant articles in the series to increase SEO rankings. Remember the reader’s needs when writing evergreen content: your goal is to inform your audience, not sell them. This audience is unlikely to be an expert, so write for a broad audience.


There are many benefits to branding skyscraper pages, but you should always make sure that your skyscraper page reflects your company’s brand and identity. Do not use a generic, cookie-cutter approach to branding, as it won’t be successful. Start by identifying the top-performing content in your niche and target it. Once you have identified a visually striking page, you can work on it to enhance its performance and linkability.

The Skyscraper Technique is an excellent way to discover content that has the potential to be improved. This is especially useful if your content is informational, such as guides, reviews, or e-books. For example, CarMax’s ’52 Best SUVs for 2019 – Ranked’ page has 932 links from 162 unique domains. Drop the URL into a domain overview tool, and you’ll see what keywords and phrases drive traffic to the page.

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