To drive traffic to your website or blog, you must use the right content marketing tools to make it happen. Many different tools are available, and some are more effective than others. These content marketing tools can help you increase your visibility and improve your editorial content. Rellify is one such tool that helps marketers track their content’s results.


  • The article lists the top 5 content marketing tools for driving traffic to websites and blogs: BuzzSumo, Crowdfire, Slack, QuestionDB, Ubersuggest, SnapApp, and Canva.
  • BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform that helps identify the best content for a brand and its niche. It has a free version with limited features, paid subscriptions, more customizable options, and exportable data.
  • Crowdfire is a tool for managing social media accounts, especially Twitter and distributing content across multiple networks. It has a mobile-friendly interface and follows the “Clean-Engage-Grow” principle.


BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform that identifies the best content for your brand and niche. Its free version lets you search for the most popular articles in your niche, and it also lets you track brand mentions. But it only offers four free searches a day. In addition, you cannot generate reports with the free version. However, some paid subscriptions offer unlimited searches, customizable options, and exportable data.


For entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build a loyal fan base on social media, Crowdfire is an excellent tool. It lets you manage your Twitter account in an easy-to-use interface and distribute your content across social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Crowdfire is also mobile-friendly, with apps for both iOS and Android and a web application platform. Its philosophy is based on the “Clean-Engage-Grow” principle, which helps avoid unwanted accounts.


A great way to create and nurture content marketing relationships is through Slack. This chat-like app lets you create channels and invite your team members to join them. These channels are filled with content and conversation threads. To make the most of your channel, create an impactful introduction. This will encourage people to approach you and create a sense of community. Be sure to include your name and company and how you can benefit your community. You can also include personal facts to make your introduction more personal.


QuestionDB is a content marketing tool that organizes people’s questions about a topic. It associates these questions with words and provides an enormous database of content ideas. It supports both free and premium accounts. You can use it to generate content questions for your website and blog posts. It also provides tags and keywords for each post.


If you’re looking for a content marketing tool to help you find keywords for your site, Ubersuggest can help. It will analyze your website’s SEO performance and recommend improving it. It also analyzes your competitors’ websites to give you keyword insight and topic ideas.


SnapApp is an interactive content creation and marketing tool that helps marketers create, manage, and measure content. The tool allows marketers to create interactive content that is easy to access and repurpose. It integrates with Marketo, CMS, and social media platforms and is mobile-friendly.


Canva is a content marketing tool that can help you create engaging and visually appealing content. The online tool offers a free version and a Pro account. The free version has many features and allows you to create as many designs as possible. The Pro account includes more features, including template designer and administrator roles.

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